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Our Mission

Empower you with information. Promote quality journalism. Encourage debate.

Knowledge is only power if you understand what the rest of the world thinks. Explore the news smarter and faster without letting you stick your head in the digital sand. Find the news you care about, learn new ideas and get the full story. All for free.

Machine learning algorithms
built for news.

Graph DB Architecture

Our graph database maps relationships between every source, article, place, person, and organisation in the news.

Natural Language Processing

Our natural language processing summarize articles, cluster topics, identify people and locate events.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis evaluates articles as positive or negative and rates sources according to political bias.

Scraping & Indexing Tools

Our web tools efficiently scrape articles from 1000s of sources and feed them into a graph database for indexing.

Stay informed from all sides
or analyse global coverage.


Breaking news from every angle at your fingertips.

Read breaking news from major news outlets. Quickly filter news according to audience to get all sides of the story.

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Open source toolbox for in-depth media analysis.

Download our open source toolbox for news analysis. Access over 5 years of news articles from all over the globe.

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We want to work with you

We're building Nupinion for you. No one knows what you want more than you do.


Are you a news content publisher?

Nupinion doesn't replace traditional news outlets. It complements them. We display article titles and bylines but do not provide full text articles. We link to content publishers all over the world.

It's a win-win. We integrate your headlines into our service and provide a more accurate picture of global news. You get sustained referrals from our site to your subscription content.


Want to use Nupinion in your classroom?

Nupinion offers a highly interactive way to engage with global news on topics of your choice. Your students can explore how coverage of a news topic has changed over time, across continents and in different languages.

Whether for a humanities report or current affairs activities, there are lots of fun ways you can integrate our platform into your educational curriculum.


Need to stay on top of industry developments?

Nupinion Premium lets you customise your news feeds and gain access to detailed summary statistics at a global level. Instantly. You get the news and analysis you need without being flooded by irrelevant content.

Whether you want to be able to assess how a company or high-profile individual is faring in the global press or stay on top of news in your sector, Nupinion will save you time and money every single day.


Have programming or web design skills?

We're hoping to build a ton of features into Nupinion's free and premium services. But there's way too many things we could do. Have some great ideas or some serious coding skills you can contribute? Get in touch.

Whether you're a database programmer, a web designer, a statistician, or anything else! Nupinion's features are only limited by what we build. Come join the news revolution.

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